What is Equathon?

Another exciting option offered at some of the Ride & Tie events is called Equathon. Grab your favorite endurance rider or runner and compete in this fast-growing sport! It’s kind of like a Ride & Tie, but the rider never has to get off the horse. Basically the horse and rider do the first loop, then when the horse reaches pulse criteria at the vet check (usually between 64-68 heartbeats per minute), the runner then tackles the second loop. The distances for the rider and runner may be the same or different and may vary from event to event.  The ride usually is between 10-15 miles while the run portion is usually between 5-15 miles.  Sounds like fun, right! If you are really an exercise fanatic, you can do the Equathon as a solo or “Iron” team. Ride your horse for the first loop, jump off and allow your horse to reach pulse criteria, and then run the second loop on foot. Now doesn’t that sound like a hoot?

Scoring for Equathons

Equathons will be scored as 2 categories, “TEAM” and “IRON”.  If competitors want to have overall category winners at the race level that is something that ride managers could decide. (END OF YEAR) Teams will be scored in the same manner as Ride and Tie, meaning both competitors and horse will receive Individual points and miles, and the competitors will receive points and miles as a team to determine the Overall TEAM winner.  Iron person will be scored in a similar manner, competitor and horse will both receive Individual points and miles, but the competitor will receive points equal to 2 (rider/runner) but miles equal to one competitor. To determine the Overall Iron person winner, both Team and Iron will be scored together as “Individual” for an Overall equathon winner.

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