Vet Scholarship

The Ride & Tie Association announces our 2024 Jim Steere Memorial Veterinary Student Scholarship.  Dr. Steere was the first Ride & Tie head veterinarian.  To learn a little more about him, consult the article in this issue.  We are proud to offer this scholarship in his memory.

All currently enrolled veterinary students (including international students) are invited to apply by writing an essay appropriate to Ride & Tie. A total of $3000 in scholarships will be awarded. The award may be given to a single essay or split among more than one at the discretion of the scholarship committee.

To learn more about Ride & Tie go to

Scholarship Essay Requirements

  1. The essay is limited to 1000 words and must be accompanied by a list of references used in the essay.
  2. The topic is at the discretion of the veterinary student.  Examples of winning past essays can be found in this issue, requested from Dr. Melinda Newton at, or by visiting
  3. A cover letter must be submitted in conjunction with the essay that includes the student’s name, email, contact information, school, and year of graduation.  The cover letter may include other introductory  information, but is not required.
  4. Submissions and questions regarding the scholarship can be directed to Dr. Melinda Newton at
  5. All essays must be received by Dr. Newton by 1/15/2024.
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