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The Ride and Tie Association is pleased to announce the return of the Jim Steere Memorial Veterinary Student Scholarship.  All currently enrolled veterinary students are invited to apply. A total award of $3000 will be dispersed for this year’s scholarship. The outstanding essay that is suitable for publishing in the Ride and Tie Association’s monthly newsletter will be awarded up to $2000 with runner-ups eligible for the remaining award amount.

Ride and Tie is a sport of strategy and requires athleticism from both the equine and human partners. This unique sport was created by Bud Johns.  Johns worked for the Levis Strauss & Company as a public relations director. He was seeking a rugged sport to promote it’s similar reputed line of outdoor clothing.  Johns had read of historic accounts where out of necessity two people had covered vast distances using one horse between them.  One would proceed on horseback while the other continued on foot.  Eventually the rider would tie the horse to a tree and proceed on foot, the horse waiting for the partner on foot to catch up. “What a concept for a race!” thought Johns and the sport of Ride & Tie was born.  Johns organized the first Levi’s Ride & Tie in 1971 at St. Helena, California.

Dr. Jim Steere served as the Head Veterinarian for the Ride and Tie Association for more than 25 years.  He helped develop and implement the veterinary examination guidelines for this unique sport, adapted from the sport of endurance racing.  Dr. Steere was also an avid participant of Ride and Tie. Less than one year before his passing in 2010 Steere and his son competed in the World Ride and Tie Championships. The Association is proud to offer this scholarship in his memory.

Essay Requirements

  1. The essay is limited to 1000 words and must be accompanied by a list of references used in the essay.
  2. The topic is at the discretion of the veterinary student.  Examples of winning past essays can be requested from Dr. Melinda Newton at or by visiting the Ride and Tie website at
  3. New requirement for the 2021-22 scholarship: A cover letter may be submitted in conjunction with the essays that includes the student’s name, email, contact information, school, and year of graduation.  The cover letter may include other introductory information as in past years, but is not required.
  4. All essays must be received by Dr. Newton by 1/15/2022.

Submissions and questions regarding the scholarship can be directed to Dr. Melinda Newton at

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