Sanctioned Ride & Tie Event Agreement

Race Directors, please use the electronic sanction agreement below.

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    If more than one distance, enter all distances separated by a comma (e.g. 15, 25, 35).

    Is this an elevator ride? (required)

    Is this also a sanctioned AERC endurance ride? (required)

    Ride and Tie is offering stipends of $250-$750 to select AERC sanctioned Endurance Rides in 2021 which also offer a Ride and Tie one or more days of the ride. Rides which receive stipends will be selected by the Ride and Tie Board of Directors with particular emphasis on covering as many AERC regions as possible. If your Ride and Tie race is also a sanctioned AERC endurance ride and you wish to apply for the stipend, please answer the questions below. Please note that making an application does not ensure a stipend. You must apply for the stipend a minimum of 60 days before the event.

    Have you offered a Ride and Tie race at this ride within the last five years?


    1. An insurance certificate will be issued for the Ride Manager at the location of the ride. The following shall be submitted for all entities (government and/or private property owners) that require certificates of "Also Insured": complete mailing address and any additional information or necessary wording. If more space or additional entities are required, please submit a separate email to
    2. Insurance can only be issued to a Ride Manager who is a member of the Ride and Tie Association. Because as a RM you are helping our sport, the Association gratefully offers you a free competitor level membership. However, you are responsible for completing the membership form and getting it to the association (see instructions on membership form).
    3. There must be one sanctioned event with a minimum distance of 20 miles or longer.
    4. The event must be run according to the Association's Rules of Ride and Tie.
    5. A licensed veterinarian must check each horse before, during and after the event.
    6. All veterinary checks must be of the "stop & go" variety (i.e., the horse must meet predetermined recovery criteria before continuing). No mandatory holds are allowed, with one exception: A horse having metabolic problems may be held at the discretion of the veterinarian.
    7. Request for Sanctioning must be sixty (60) days in advance of the event or within one week of its announcement if less than two months from date of event.
    8. The event management must ensure participants are members of The Ride and Tie Association for all sanctioned events. If the participant is not a current year or lifetime member, a Membership form must be filled out and the appropriate fee collected. If, due to faulty or slow updating of membership listings, the participant joined but was not yet listed, The Ride and Tie Association will refund the second payment in full by mail following the race.
    9. All sanctioned events must use the Ride and Tie Association's liability insurance. The cost for certificates of "also Insured" and per team fees are included in the Sanctioning Fee.
    10. Requests to add additional insureds must be received no later than 15 days prior to the event.
    11. A financial summary form, including insurance and membership fees, membership forms, and race results must be sent to the Association within two weeks following completion of the event.

    Please be as accurate as possible, include city, state, and zip code.

    Names and Addresses of Additional Insureds
    List all entities that require certificates of "Also Insured", their complete mailing address, and any additional information we may need.

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    For questions and/or written correspondence regarding sanctioning please contact:

    Courtney Krueger, Sanctioning Officer
    1041 Kile Lake Rd. SE
    Cleveland, TN 37323