Board of Directors

The Ride and Tie Association Board of Directors are comprised of nine members serving three-year terms. Each year, three of the Board members come up for re-election. Current R&T members in good standing (membership dues are current) are eligible to run for the board and vote in the election. The Board meets five times each year by telephone conference and once in person at the World Championship. If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors or would like to nominate someone (with his/her consent), please submit a picture and candidate statement to Statements should be limited to 100-200 words, describe their interest, experience, and any special skills or talent that may benefit the organization. The results of the Board elections shall be announced at the Annual meeting, which unless designated otherwise shall be at the campground for the annual World Ride & Tie competition on the Thursday preceding the race.


President: Chris Amaral (2024)

Vice President: Sara Boelt (2024)

Secretary: Carrie Baris (2026)

Treasurer: Steve Anderson (2024)


Barbara Mathews (2026)

Melissa Montgomery (2026)

Bob Heltibridle (2025)

Lani Newcomb (2025)

Rhonda Venable (2025)

Board Member Emeritus

Steve Shaw (lifetime)

Mary Tiscornia (lifetime)

Head Veterinarian

Greg Fellers

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