Only a competitor may protest another competitor(s).  A protest must be filed in writing/email with the Race Director within seven days of the completion of the race.  The Race Director may opt to forward to The Ride & Tie Association Protest Committee for a decision.  If the Ride Manager defers the decision to the Protest Committee, the chairperson shall:

  • Ensure that all protest committee members declare any possible conflicts of interest.
  • Allow any members of the protest committee who saw the incident to give evidence.

The Race Director or Protest Committee shall:

  • Make sure that each party has a copy of or the opportunity to read the protest and ask each of them to tell their story.
  • Decide on the protest.
  • Inform the parties and give them a copy of the facts found, conclusions and rules that apply, and the decision.
  • File the protest with Protest Committee records.

If either party wishes to appeal the decision, the appeal must be filed in writing/email within seven days of notification to The Ride and Tie Association Appeals Committee whose decision is final.

Published January 2022