Carrie Baris

My name is Carrie Baris and I began my Ride and Tie career a decade ago with a ride at Clemson in South Carolina. Since then, I have completed over 3,000 competitive miles in ride and tie, and many equathon miles as well. I also bought my own ride and tie pony, and we have competed in numerous races with various partners. I plan my weekends around races through our season, and try to bring in as many new people as possible, as well as partnering with friends.

I have made the best group of friends through this sport, and I can honestly say it has influenced my life for the better.

My favorite thing about this community is the openness of its members. I have borrowed horses from many, many different people and love how generous everyone is with their time and their mounts.

Over the past six years, I have served on the Board of Directors, most of them as the Secretary. This year I am taking on the added responsibility of managing the World Championship Ride and Tie at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. I believe strongly in diversity, equity, and inclusion and welcome ideas concerning how we can bring a more diverse group of people into our sport. I hope to have a large showing at the Championship this year, and would love for both our veterans and newbies to come run with us at Biltmore!



Barb Mathews

My first Ride and Tie was at Big South Fork in 2010. I was hooked from the start. What could be more wonderful than running and riding horses on beautiful trail with your friends. I have contributed to Ride and Tie by managing rides and I have introduced many new people to the sport. I think these experiences will help me be a good representative on the Ride and Tie board.



Melissa Montgomery

I would love to help this group grow in popularity as a sport! To bring it back to the glory days of 100+ participants in the championships! I believe my knowledge and participation in not only Ride and Tie, but Endurance and Ultra Running could be an asset to the sport.

Back in 2011, I by chance stumbled upon the sport of Ride and Tie. I couldn’t believe my luck, the combination of two of my favorite sports, horseback riding and running! My first attempt, we did it all wrong, but had a fabulous time and enjoyed the electric atmosphere where everything can go sideways, but still smiling faces everywhere! I now drag everyone I know into the sport…some willing…some I have to hog tie.

When asked what it’s like, my description is “Controlled chaos, FUN people, loose horses, a little blood, lots of good stories!”

I’ve entered into most of the Ride and Tie’s offered on the West Coast, tried to find a horse for the 100 miler on the East Coast, but didn’t have any luck (Maybe this year?)

I love the sport, people, horses and positive atmosphere that it offers. It would be an honor to serve on the board and keep this going strong for many more years.