Owner Janice Heltibridle

Horse of Distinction 2022

Kestrel CS, aka Pete, was one of the many purebred Arabian raffle horses donated by Asgard Arabians to the Old Dominion Endurance Rides over the years to help raise funds for the organization. Pete was not a typical looking Arabian; a lot of folks mistook him for a Standardbred or QH cross. Pete could be somewhat mischievous and enjoyed dislodging his rider from time to time.

After several 100 mile R&T attempts cut short by either a sudden hail storm or a pulled shoe, Pete managed to carry Ellen Hart and I to a victorious 18 hour finish at a very wet ride in 2018 on Thanksgiving weekend at JD’s ride in Patrick, SC. Pete suffered a pasture accident in 2019 from which he eventually recovered, but was then subsequently diagnosed with Kissing Spine which curtailed his R&T adventures. He held the honor of High Mileage Horse of the Year in 2018 and 2019.

Horse of Distinction 2022: Bubba