50 Years of Madness

Do you want your story or photo to be included in the 2020 50th Anniversary update of the “50 Years of Madness” Ride & Tie championship history book?

The deadline is October 1st to submit short stories (one or two paragraphs of an inspiring or funny ride & tie story you would like to share) and photos from championships (regional or world) for inclusion in the book. It will be presented at the 50th Anniversary Ride & Tie World Championship at Humboldt Redwoods State Park.  Copies will be available for all ride & tiers, even if you can’t come to the 50th Anniversary celebration blowout, but all competitors will get a free copy. 

For photos we need location, year, names of people and horses, photographer’s name and permission from them to use the photo(s)”. Please email all stories and photos to  Annette at history@rideandtie.org