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 Race Name: Foxcatcher Ride & Tie - 25 and 10
 Location: Fair Hill, MD
 Date: April 16th, 2011
 Mileage: 25/10
 BC Long Course: none judged
 Starters: M/M  1,0
  M/W  0,1
  W/W  2,0
  Total:  3,1
Long Course - 25 mi
Partner 1Partner 2HorseTimePlace
Janice HeltibridleMichelle RiceBubba4:26:001
Laney BarisRebecca FoxFrisky4:26:001
Steve OvergardKeith NowlinHammerin Hank4:37:003
Short Course - 10 mi
Partner 1Partner 2HorseTimePlace
Marina LobasAlexander (Sasha) LobasHappy3:15:001