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Member Stats Page for Kelly Pults (member ID 2969) for 2018
Status Non Active Member, Female
Initial Miles 0     (official miles for 2009 and prior)
RaceCoursePartnerHorsePlace / TimeRaceCoursePlaceTotal
Old Dominion Ride and Tie Weekend, Orkney Springs, Va, Jul 29th, 2018 Long Course - 20
20mi (Official)
Janice HeltibridleKestrel CS 2nd place (of 3)
3:53:00 sec
OD Fort Valley Ride and Tie Day 2, Fort Valley, Va., Oct 20th, 2018 Long Course -30
30mi (Official)
Janice HeltibridleKestrel CS DNF 0000
Total Official Miles 2018: 20
Total Official Points 2018: 70
Total Official Alltime Miles: 192

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