Ride & Tie World Championship

Originally the Levi’s Ride & Tie, this is the annual signature race of the Ride and Tie Association.

Drawing the largest crowd of competitors from across the nation and sometimes even from around the globe, this event is open to all who wish to tackle the sport’s pinnacle event.

Historically scheduled for Father’s Day weekend, with the intention of making attendance easy for families with school aged children, you might schedule your summer vacation event around this race. As plans for the next Championship are announced, specifics will be posted here. Depending on location, the camp is usually open for a full week before the race.

The World Championship race is not tied to one specific location: the race may be held in a different location each year, or may rest at one location for several years before moving to a new, fresh location.

The World Championship course will be designed to challenge. The mileage is altered from year to year in light of course ruggedness, elevation gain/loss, altitude and other factors that may affect course difficulty. The trail boss is tasked each year to design a course that can be won in 4 hours. Each successful team completing the full course, regardless of time, is awarded a pair of custom designed commemorative belt buckles. A short course is generally offered, concurrent to the World Championship, for those not prepared for the full challenge.

Free entry for international teams: write to international@rideandtie.org to nominate your team for the free entry. One team per country will receive free entry to the Ride & Tie World Championship. Multiple entries per country are welcome: the complimentary entry will be awarded to the first team to nominate.

A limited number of horses are usually available for lease. The Ride and Tie Association bears no responsibility and has no involvement in the leasing of horses. If you can establish your competence as a rider and a person who will treat the horse humanely; if you are willing to enter just for the fun and withdraw at the slightest indication the health of the horse will benefit from your doing so, then ask about lease arrangements.

Sample race pages from past years provide you with an idea what kind of information will be available here in the future for the coming year’s race:

Check back later, this page will be replaced once specific information is available for the next Ride & Tie World Championship.



Championship Race History: World Championship Race History

Cost: tbd

Race Director:  Carrie Baris, carriebaris@hotmail.com

Location:  The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Horses May Be Available To Lease:  none at this time

Flyer:  pending

Things to Know:  tbd

Prizes/Awards:  All participants in each race will receive an athletic t-shirt. All long course finishers in the Ride & Tie as well as in the equathon will receive belt buckles. Turtle awards will be presented for each race.  Volunteers will receive  lunch and an awards dinner for free!  Awards include:

  • Long course Ride & Tie: 
    • Best Condition Horse
    • 1st place
    • 2nd place
    • 3rd place
  • Short course Ride & Tie:
    • 1st place
    • 2nd place
    • 3rd place
  • Long course Equathon:
    • 1st place
    • 2nd place
    • 3rd place
  • Short course Equathon:
    • 1st place
    • 2nd place
    • 3rd place
  • Special awards will be presented which “may” include: the team traveling the furthest; oldest team competing, among others…

Race Week Agenda: TENTATIVE

    • Thursday
      • Check in and vetting for Ride & Tie Long Course participants
      • Board meeting at 5:00 pm
      • Potluck after board meeting
    • Friday
      • 7:00 am – Start of Ride & Tie Long Course
      • Check in and vetting for Ride & Tie Short Course
      • 7:00 pm – Ride meeting for Ride & Tie Short Course
    • Saturday
      • Ride & Tie Short Course
      • Ride meeting for Equathon Long and Short Course
      • Awards Dinner
    • Sunday

      • Equathon  Long and Short Course

A Dinner Is Included:  

  • Potluck on Thursday night for those who want to participate.
  • Awards dinner on Saturday night for Ride and Tie participants.

Directions to the Race Site:  tbd

Hay and Feed Info:  tbd

Camp Open Date:  tbd

Camp Information:  tbd

Course Information/Maps: tbd

Riding The Trail 
Tentative – The course will include dirt/gravel service roads. As well as technical woodlands single track trails. There will be bridges to cross, as well as small streams and creeks. Hoof protection is recommended. Helmets are required for junior riders while mounted.

Region Activities:   tbd

Volunteers Wanted:  To help with setting up vet check area, taking horses pulses, writing down participants numbers as they come into and go out of vet checks, scribing for vets, holding horses for riders, filling water troughs, directing traffic of all kinds. A horse ambulance driver is needed to bring any pulled horses back to camp from the vet check. Will also need people to stand aid stations along the course for the equathon and drag riders to pull down the course ribbons! Contact RM to volunteer.

Lodging & Accommodations:  tbd

Local & Regional Businesses:  

Restaurants: tbd

Grocery stores: tbd

Area Services: tbd

Major Airports:  tbd

Things To Do In The Area:  See Region Activities

Closest Human Hospital:   tbd

Closest Horse Hospital:  tbd


Sep 22 - 24 2023


Asheville, NC
Asheville, NC


Carrie Baris